9 tips for exploring Zadar by electric scooter

1. Start early in the morning

Wiebe and I started our trip with the electric scooter around 9 am and saw the crowd in Zadar (Croatia) steadily increasing with every half hour. So start early if you want to avoid the masses of people. This way you will have more space to cruise full speed through the streets.


2. Brake with your foot

Use the rear brake instead of the front one!
Use the rear brake instead of the front one!

The left knob on the handlebar is the brake. However, I found that this knob made the electric scooter stop too suddenly. In my opinion, pushing the brake at the back of the step with your foot is a safer and gentler way to slow down. This way you cannot accidently swap between the brake and the ignition, which is on the right side, and hit your boyfriend from the side like I did… Highly recommended to use the rear brake instead of the front one!


3. Wear a helmet

A helmet is not mandatory, but highly recommended as you will be inevitable driving partly on public roads. To decrease the chance of accidents it is a good idea to become familiar with all the electric workings on an outlaying street before riding on busy roads.


4. Bring your swimsuit

The car free streets at Karma ulica were my favorite part of the trip through Zadar with the electric scooter. On these streets just next to the water you can go full speed and enjoy the wind in your hair. Along these roads there are several lovely beaches so don’t forget your towel and swimsuit.


5. Watch the road

Lovely views but not the perfect path for the electric scooter
Lovely views but not the perfect path for the electric scooter

I loved both the views of the coastline and the monuments in the historical center. Though, it is important to keep an eye on the road. Regularly we encountered some road imperfections like potholes and speed bumps. We soon discovered that gravel roads are not made for electric scooters 😉 The low curbs at crossroads allowed us to easily cover long distances without getting off and up at every intersection.


6. Wear closed shoes

Driving the electric scooter with slippers is not a good idea. Wiebe and I both wore sandals, however I wished I had closed shoes to protect my feet and ankles. I slightly hurt myself when I jumped from the vehicle and the deck hit my ankle. So wear closed shoes to prevent bruises!


7. Carry the charger if you intend to drive more than 25 km

The electric scooter is able to reach a distance of minimum 25 km with a full battery. If you intend to make a larger loop, you can take along the charger so the battery can load during your well-deserved restaurant break. You can keep track of the distance you covered and the battery on the display on the handlebar. We drove almost 15 km and the battery was still loaded for about 60 %.


8. Avoid the main streets in the old town  of Zadar

Exploring the old town of Zadar with the electric scooter
Exploring the old town of Zadar with the electric scooter

The main streets in the old town of Zadar are always busy and the electric scooter is not made to evade the crowd at low speed 😉 That doesn’t mean you cannot explore the old town with the electric scooter. You just have to find the charming less popular narrow streets to navigate your way through town.


9. Don’t be afraid to go full speed

The right knob on the handlebar is probably everyone’s favorite as it is the speed throttle. While Wiebe was already hitting nearly 30 km/u in a few seconds, I was driving only 15 km/u during the first 20 minutes as alarm bells were ringing in my head. It is good to be cautious in the beginning but at some point I just switched to the right mindset and I was able to catch up with Wiebe. I can affirm that it is much more fun to cruise through the streets full speed 😉


Interested in cruising Zadar with the electric scooter yourself? You can rent these tiny vehicles with Zzuum for €7 per hour or €20 for the entire day. The pick-up location is in the old town of Zadar at Spire Brusine 12. Helmets are provided too.

Feeling a need to escape the hustle and bustle of Zadar? Why don’t you go kayaking around the island Dugi Otok or what about sailing to Telascica Nature Park?


Have you ever tried to drive an electric scooter?

This story is brought to you in partnership with Zzuum. As always, all words, thoughts and opinions are my own.



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13 Replies to “9 tips for exploring Zadar by electric scooter”

  1. Great tips you got here and I agree with all of them!

    When it comes to scooter topics, I remember a childhood story of mine, I was innocent and I was bragging (with all my heart) to my fellow kids that someday I will buy 2! Another innocent friend says why two? You’re only one!?! I said (with conviction and with that bragging self-confidence) because by then I will have much money!!! 25 years later, I now have money but I never bought one 🙂

    A memory that makes me smile whenever I see a scooter! Thank you for sharing this. Somehow it made me smile today!

    God bless!
    JM Kayne | #InMyHeart♥

    1. Haha, great anecdote! You definitely should at least try a test ride with an electric scooter on your next citytrip 😉

  2. Oh! I’ve seen these scooters before! The tires are so tiny! Guess I would start off slowly as well! Zadar is a great place to take a scooter and explore the surroundings! We were in Zadar two years ago and seeing your pictures, I regret we didn’t rent a scooter!

  3. Ha! It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a scooter – let alone an electric one! Looks like it would be loads of fun to tour a city this way. Would probably wuss out on going full speed, but hey – gives you more of an opportunity to take in your surroundings… right?!

  4. Oh so fun! I’ve actually never tried one like that before, only the manual ones though where you get up to speed with one leg dusting the floor! This would save so much energy to get around.

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