Top 10 reasons to visit Vietnam

1. The countryside of Vietnam is perfect for an off-the-beaten path motorcycle trip

Narrow paths on our motorcycle trip in the countryside of Vietnam
Narrow paths on our motorcycle trip in the countryside of Vietnam

The green sceneries, the remote villages and the ethnic minorities were the three elements that made us explore the countryside of Vietnam with a motorcycle. During this adventurous trip my friend Silke and I drove along narrow paths, we slept in Vietnam’s traditional stilt houses and we met incredibly friendly locals.


2. Skilled tailors

Shop till you drop!
Shop till you drop!

There are hundreds of tailors in Vietnam, but ordering tailor made clothes is especially popular in Hoi An. Shop around as the quality varies hugely. After a fun day of shopping I came home with 2 shorts and a skirt and Silke bought a lovely dress for the next wedding party.


3. Extremely cheap

Vietnam is the cheapest country I visited so far. We felt like millionaires on our first day when we came back from the bank. At the time of writing 1 euro equals 26,250 Vietnamese Dong. Street food, hostels and the local means of transportation are all extremely cheap and also the admission to popular sights is reasonably priced.


4. Young locals are eager to practice their English

Exploring Vietnam with our new friend Jill
Exploring Vietnam with our new friend Jill

Nowhere else in the world I have been approached so often by friendly locals, mostly curious young people. They are so eager to improve their English that they take advantage of every opportunity. Some conversations were very basic and didn’t reach much further than ‘Were are you from?’. However, other conversations ended up in going to a restaurant or visiting sights with our new friends.


5. Delicious street food

Cau lao, a Hoi An noodle speciality
Cau lao, a Hoi An noodle speciality

The street food stalls in Vietnam are extremely divers, delicious and cheap. We loved to wander in the streets, pick a stall, grab a plastic chair and just wait for the dish of the day. My favorite dish was pho (pronounced like ‘fuck’ with the ck), one of the better known Vietnamese creations. It is a noodle soup with either bo (beef) or ga (chicken) served with a bunch of fresh herbs.


6. Scenic train rides

A scenic train ride in Vietnam
A scenic train ride in Vietnam

The train is my favorite means of transportation to travel through a country. Some of the train rides are just stunning and it is the perfect way to peek into the local’s life and learn more about the local habits and customs. It was also my first experience with the sleeper trains which I absolutely loved.

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7. Easy immigration process

Just step  on that plane to Vietnam! Once arrived in the airport follow the que, hand over your passport, a passport size photo and a visa approval letter and pay $25 USD (or $50 USD for multiple entry). It’s that simple!


8. The Mekong Delta

I cannot imagine Vietnam without the Mekong Delta which consists of rivers, swamps and islands in the south. Boats are of course the main means of transportation and a visit to a floating market is a must!


9. Temples everywhere

Tempels are one of the most popular attractions in Vietnam
Tempels are one of the most popular attractions in Vietnam

Every big city in Vietnam is dotted with temples and they are one of the most popular attractions in the country. The best part? Many of them are free. My favorite is the Temple of Literature in Hanoi, closely followed by the Thien Mu Pagoda just outside Hue.


10. Safe

The people in Vietnam are incredibly friendly and Silke and I felt totally safe even if we were two young women travelling together. The only warning I can give is to be careful when crossing the roads (the traffic is crazy!) and to choose your motorcycle taxi driver carefully. If you don’t feel safe on the back of the motorcycle just ask him to stop and look for another less crazy driver.


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What are your reasons to visit Vietnam? Please share below.



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  1. I spent 2.5 months in Vietnam last year, and I agree with all the reasons you give to visit. My only change would be to put eating street food at the top of the list because Vietnamese food is so good. Like you, pho is my favorite.

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